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Plantation Trace is the southern most section of Georgia's Southern Rivers region. Named because of the number of plantations located there, this area is a popular quail hunting destination, and is characterized by the beauty of antebellum homes, small town culture and Southern hospitality.

The attractions listed below are located in the cities and towns of Plantation Trace.

Blue and Gray Museum
Fitzgerald, Georgia

Blue and Gray Museum contains a collection of Civil War battle relics and mementos. This rare collections includes items from both the Confederate and the Union army.

Coalson Plantation and Inn
Thomasville, Georgia

Historic Coalson Plantation and Inn is a 40+ acre plantation offers conference and retreat facilities in an historic setting. One of 71 plantations in South Georgia and Northern Florida, Coalson Plantation includes formal English gardens, a library, and the historic Showboat Theatre.

Frontier Village
Fort Gaines, Georgia

Located on the southwest corner of Fort Gaines, Frontier Village is an 1814 frontier fort. Highlights include a Civil War cannon and a Confederate watchtower.

Georgia's Native American Monument
Colquitt, Georgia

Georgia's Native American Monument is the state's official tribute to the Native Americans who inhabited the land before the Europeans. The monument is a 27 foot sculpture by Peter Toth. Colquit was chosen as the monument's location because of the hospitality Peter Toth experienced on a visit to that community.

Historic Main Street
Parrott, Georgia

Historic Main Street of Parrott Georgia has a townscape that reflects life in the 1900s. Restored buildings display antique malls, gift boutiques, craft shops and art galleries. Sample Southern cuisine at a Homestyle café. The trading company’s deli features cuisine from secret family recipes. The Old Railroad Depot displays the town’s historic memorabilia.

Pebble Hill Plantation
Thomasvile, Georgia

Originally a pre-Civil War cotton plantation, Pebble Hill Plantation, after the Civil War, it became a winter home and hunting lodge for quail and turkey hunters. Today it is a museum of art and Southern plantation history.

Sweet Grass Diary
Thomasvile, Georgia

Sweet Grass Diary is a 140 acre dairy that makes artisan cheeses using from their own goats and Jersey cows. This family owned award winning farm uses a rotational system to grass the animals in lush pasture. The result of this rotational is healthier cows and ultimately healthier milk and cheese.



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