Swamp Gravy

"Weve got a story to tell!" -- Swamp Gravy, Georgia’s official folk life play!

Swamp Gravy, Georgia’s official folk life play, is a community theater production of stories based on real life experiences of the residents of Colquitt Georgia. The stories celebrate Southwest Georgia's rural life, culture and diversity. Colquitt's volunteer actors of all ages perform inspiring productions that include comedy, music and choreography and tell family stories from daily life, tall tales and Southwest Georgia folklore. The productions are performed at Cotton Hall, a former cotton warehouse converted into a theater and museum. The Museum features antique funiture, farm implements and military memorabilia donated by community residents.

Swamp Gravy, a successful example of cultural tourism, is a major force in Georgia's tourism industry. It regularly draws tourists from a 400 mile radius and is a featured part of a Dothan Alabama tour. In 1996, the cast of Swamp Gravy performed during the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta and also at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

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