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Thomas County Courthouse in Thomasville, Georgia
Thomasvile County Courthouse
Lapham-Patterson House
Lapham-Patterson House
Flowers Bakery Headquarters
Flowery Bakery

Thomasville is located in the Plantation Trace section of Georgia's Southern Rivers region. Plantation Trace is so named because of the numerous plantations located there. The area is a popular hunting destination, and is known for antebellum homes and Southern hospitality. Thomasville is the location of three popular plantations of Georgia's Plantation Trace.

Birdsong Nature Center

Birdsong Nature Center is a 565 acre haven for birds and other wildlife. Once a longleaf forest, then a plantation followed by a farm, Birdsong is now a center for conservation where one can the experience the beauty and serenity of a natural landscape that renews the human spirit. The center features a facility for bird-viewing, nature trails for hiking, a butterfly garden, and a screened pavilion that overlooks a swamp.

Coalson Plantation and Inn

Historic Coalson Plantation and Inn is a 40+ acre plantation offers conference and retreat facilities in an historic setting. One of 71 plantations in South Georgia and Northern Florida, Coalson Plantation includes formal English gardens, six cottages, a pool house, a library, and a resaurant. The historic Showboat Theatre, built in 1934, was designed o resemble Showboat Theatre in NYC. It has been used for private screenings of Gone With the Wind.

Pebble Hill Plantation

Originally a pre-Civil War cotton plantation, Pebble Hill Plantation, after the Civil War, it became a winter home and hunting lodge for quail and turkey hunters. Today it is a museum of art and Southern plantation history.

Sweet Grass Diary

Sweet Grass Diary is a 140 acre dairy that makes artisan cheeses using from their own goats and Jersey cows. This family owned award winning farm uses a rotational system to grass the animals in lush pasture. The result of this rotational is healthier cows and ultimately healthier milk and cheese.

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