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Southwest Georgia!

Welcome to Southwest Georgia, the home of Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States! Located in Georgia's Southern Rivers Region, Southwest Georgia includes the sections of the state known as Presidential Pathways and Plantation Trace. Southwest Georgia is filled with antebellum home elegance and small town culture. Here peanut fields and pine forests grace the land of Southern heritage. No discussion about Southwest Georgia would be complete without a word about quail hunting. The Quail Hunting Capital of the World is located in Southwest Georgia. Among quail hunters, Southwest Georgia is an annual hunting location of choice.

Southwest Georgia is rich in famous. Plains Georgia is the most famous attraction, having been made so by former President Jimmy Carter's Presidential Campaign. Windsor Hotel in Americus, Southwest Georgia's luxury hotel, is rich in history and a location of dinner theater.

The Little White House in Warm Springs Georgia is another favorite tourist attraction because of another former US President, Franklin Roosevelt. Both attractions are in the section of Southwest Georgia known as Presidential Pathways.

Colquitt's Tarrer Inn in Colquitt, a charming hotel known for comfort and hospitality, is also renown for its Southern cuisine. Swamp Gravy, also in Colquitt, is Georgia's Official Folk Life Play. Each theater season, it attracts visitors to Colquit Georgia from far and near.

Festivals are popular in the Plantation Trace section of Georgia's Southern Rivers Region. Thomasville's Rose Show and Festival and Cordele's Watermelon Festival are two of the most popular. Plantation Trace is also the location of major annual events. The annual Sunbelt Agricultural Expo held in Moultrie is North America's largest agricultural expo. Whigham's Rattlesnake Roundup and Calvary's Mule Day celebration draw thousands of visitors to Southwest Georgia each year.

Southwest Georgia Pride!

Singer, songwriter, and Country Music superstar, Luke Bryan, is a Southwest Georgia native from Leesburg, Georgia!

American Idol Season 11 winner, Phillip Phillips, is a Southwest Georgia native of Albany, but grew up in Leesburg!